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4 September 2016)

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The Cantos Project 


The Cantos Project has received funding from the Leverhulme Foundation for the next five years, starting February 2016. 

The site will be henceforth hosted by the University of Edinburgh. 

Current stand: Six annotated cantos,  from Three Cantos III to Canto V

New: The Online Companion to The Cantos launched: Three Cantos I-II (1917)

Last updated 26 September 2016 

Make It New 3.2
(September 2016): 

Portrait of a scholar: David Moody. Interview, part 2


Jill Lepore. Joe Gould's Teeth, review by Richard Sieburth


Marco Santagata. Dante. A Story of His Life, review by Claudio Sansone 

Poetry and Prose: Contributions to Periodicals 

Roxana Preda has now finished digitizing Ezra Pound's Poetry and Prose: Contributions to Periodicals, volume II: (1915-1917). Members please log-in and look for it in the top menu: Scholarship. Go to project. Last updated 16 May 2016.

 Bibliography of Ezra Pound Scholarship in English

Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda. Ezra Pound Scholarship in English: 2016-2000. Members please log-in and look for it in the top menu: Scholarship. Go to bibliography. Last updated 10 October 2016.


Article award, 2015 

Peter Nicholls.

Ezra Pound and the Rhetoric of Address. Affirmations: of the Modern 3.1 (Autumn 2015): 32-48. Read article.

Book award, 2014 

Mark Byron. 

Ezra Pound's Eriugena.

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Current events

EPIC 2017

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Kislak Center, Philadelphia

19-23 June 2017

Call for papers

Deadline for abstracts

15 October 2016


Louisville Conference 2017

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 February 23-25, 2017

Call for papers

Deadline for our society panel

 September 15, 2016


MLA Conference 2017

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Philadelphia, January 5-8, 2017

Society panel



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