£ 10 one year standard subscription

This is a one year membership for scholars, readers, and students who would like to follow the society activities and read all the materials on the site. Subscription to Make It New is included.

£ 10 one year editor subscription

This is a type of membership for scholars and students would would like to contribute to the content presented on the website. Subscription to Make It New is included.

£ 10 subscribe to Make It New

Subscribe to the society magazine, Make It New. 

You will additionally get reading access to all closed areas of the society website.

Dear members

Choose just one subscription model out of the three presented, depending on your own interest in our society. Your choice is registered in a statistic which helps me evaluate the nature of your interest and the weight of your options, whether society membership, editing, or Make It New.

We hope that you will want to stay with us for the next forseeable future.

This is why renewals will be automatic - this reduces hassle and worry.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your subscription, please go to your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment to the society.


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