How to Contribute:

The present site is interactive, that is, it offers a group of users the possibility of writing and editing directly into it, on the model of Wikipedia. 

Members can be registered users, meaning they can read every material on the site, yet not wish to contribute. 

Members can also choose to be editors, which means that they can create articles and edit existing ones. Editors are able to see an small 'Edit' button on the top right hand corner of the article. Clicking on it, the site will open the page in a text processing software very similar to Word and make it available for direct changes. These do not take effect immediately. After they are saved and submitted, they will have to be validated by the Web Administrator (Roxana Preda). The validation process will depend on user traffic, but is not anticipated to take long. 

The "Create article" function is placed in the "Members" menu and is only visible to editors


How to submit illustrations:

Create an article or open an existing one.

At the bottom of your website editor you will see a link called "image" - click on it.

At the bottom of the menu, you will be asked to browse for the photo - click on "browse" to choose the photo from your computer and then click "upload." You will see various folders for images - you may choose one that seems appropriate. 

Please do not uploade huge photos on the website. Always look at the "Properties" of your image to see how much it "weighs". If the photo is too big, run it through a resizing program on the web - there are many such programs - just choose the one that you like, they are free.

After you upload the photo, click on it to select it and insert it into your article.

If you wish to change the dimesions, the positioning of your image, and the wrapping of the text round it, look for the image button in the menu at the top of the article. Click on the image in your text and then again on the image button in the menu. You will then be able to determine the space between the image and the text on all sides, as well as the position of the image.

If you run into difficulties just send the society an email and we will always do our best to help.


How to create a link

First go to the website you want to link to and copy the URL. Then go to the article where you'd like to place the link.

You will see the "link" button next to the "image" one, in the bottom row of the top menu of the editor. Click on it to open. Put in the URL where required and write the text that will be the visible part of the link. You can format the link afterwards.


How to submit a pdf

Pdfs can be submitted to the Digital repository in the Scholarship menu. At the moment, the repository is empty but we'll create the folders as we go along.


How to submit an audio file

Go to the article where you'd like your audio clip to show, or create a new article. At the bottom you will see the "image" tab. Browsing the existing folders you will see the "Audio" one. Click on it to select it. Then browse your computer for the clip and upload it to the Audio folder. 

Return to the article and write the following formula: curly bracket mp3 curly bracket filename curly bracket /mp3 curly bracket. Leave no spaces.

Refresh the page. This will bring up the player for your music.


How to submit a video clip

Uploading video clips is possible, but not practical since these are large files that can substantially slow down the loading of our website. Fortunately for us we can park a video on youtube and create a link to it. 

Even better, we can embed a video clip into the website and that costs us just an ounce of space. See the video embedded on The Cantos page as an example.

In order to embed a clip, do the following. Go to the site where the video you'd like to add is placed. Click on "Share" and then look for an "Embed" button. After clicking on it, you will see a chunk of code. Copy it. Then go to our website page where you want to place the clip. If necessary, create an article for your video. 

Now look for the "Source code" button among the various commands on the top of the editor - the second line from the bottom, next to "print". Click on the  source code and paste the code you have copied in front of the /p sign or specifically where you'd like the screen to show. Click on the source code button again to return to normal text and refresh the page.

Good luck!


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