Bibliography of English Language Scholarship on Ezra Pound

Assembled and edited by Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda





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    Pound Reconsidered. Special issue of Agenda vol. 53 no. 4, Spring/Summer 2020.


    Patricia McCarthy – Introduction 4-5

    Michael Alexander – What Ezra Pound meant to me 6-13

    Ezra Pound – The Dawn 14-30



    A. David Moody. 'The Dawn' of Ezra Pound. A draft discovered 31-40

    A David Moody. Towards a reading of Canto CXIII 41-52

    W. S. Milne. Omniform. [review of the The Edinburgh Companion to Ezra Pound and the Arts] 53-55

    A. David Moody. Ezra Pound's 'Insanity' & The Muncie Papers 79-97




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