The primary aim of the society is to encourage the study of Ezra Pound's work, life and ideas. To this end, it has initiated and supported forms of scholarly communication, such as panels at conferences, the present website, a digital magazine, and a mailing list on googlegroups.

The society aims to offer models of outstanding scholarship through its yearly awards for books and articles on Ezra Pound published in English. 

The organization will enlarge and diversify its support to students. At this time, it offers informal mentoring and access to its discussions on the mailing list and panels at conferences. Its strategic goal is to extend the professional support to postgraduate students by involving them in the work for the magazine and the society projects, thus developing skills they will need outside the academia. At the same time, the society aims to develop a budget for conference expenses so as to help students participate in professional events.

The EPS also aims to help the general reader by developing forms of communication that should mediate between scholars and lovers of Ezra Pound's poetry more generally. To this end, the society has launched the present website, which has extended zones open to the public. 



The society sponsors one up to two panels at the annual conferences of the Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Literature Association (ALA).

Since 2014, the society has a permanent slot at the Conference for Literature after 1900, held in Louisville, USA.

The society gives a yearly award for the best monograph about Ezra Pound published in the previous year. It has given this award since 1999.

The organization is now awarding a prize for the best scholarly article published in a year. This prize was first awarded in May 2014.

The journal of the Ezra Pound Society is Paideuma, published by the National Poetry Foundation.

In 2014 the society has also started a digital multimedia magazine, called Make It New. The publication is part of the society effort to integrate professional writing across the whole spectrum of scholars working in Pound studies, from the professor to the graduate student. A second goal is to help postgraduates and fresh postdocs acquire and refine professional skills, like the management of a serial, series editing, web design / administration, and genre writing, such as interviews, editorials, reportage, and reviews. The magazine promotes the activities and projects of the society and those of its members. It is therefore under the close supervision of its senior editorial board and society officers.



Membership dues were introduced in 2014 in order to ensure that the society has enough funds to continue to award its yearly prizes for excellence in scholarship. 

At the same time, the society will continue to solicit donations and sponsorship for its projects. Sponsors will be able to stipulate the projects they would like to assist and will receive both active recognition and regular reports on the progress of the work they assist. 


Privileges of membership:


    • benefit from the assistance of the society in their individual projects, whether these be the study of Ezra Pound's work, participation in a conference panel, promotion of an article, book or website. 

    • participate in a community of friends with privileged access to a professional communication hub where members discuss matters of interest and are informed of everything new: conferences, publications, and awards.

    • have an automatic subscription to the multimedia magazine of the society,  Make It New.

    • benefit from an interactive website where they can upload work directly.
    • may propose and chair society panels at the conferences in which the society participates. 
    • may nominate books and articles, including their own, for consideration in the society awards. Through nominations, discussion and reviews in the magazine, members will be able to showcase their work so that peers become aware of it and use it in research.

    • may nominate and elect the society officers.

    • have access to the digital reference works that the society will be building to assist research. These repositories will be located in the members' area of the website and will be closed to the general public.



The society is run by a president, secretary and advisory committee. The officers are to be elected every five years. The present term started in August 2013 so the next president will be elected in July 2018. 

The President will be responsible with the overall running of the society. He or she, in consultation with committee and members will determine the society goals and the strategies designed to achieve them. The president will launch new initiatives, inspire members to participate in activities, and delegate responsibility for individual projects.

The Secretary will have a management role, ensuring that the core duties of the society - the panels at the MLA and ALA conferences and the awarding of prizes - are fulfilled.

The committee will assist and advise both president and secretary in their roles. They will evaluate initiatives and strategies, find solutions to problems, and pool resources to smooth out difficulties.

The treasurer will be responsible with the administration of the society funds, whether dues or donations. 



The Society will hold a business meeting every two years at the Ezra Pound International Conference. At the meeting, officers will report to members about the progress of the society projects, will hold elections and make other announcements of general interest.


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