A major Italian event commemorating 50 years since Pound's passing away on 1 November 1972. 
To mark this anniversary, the Ezra Pound Research Center of the Academy of Merano, in cooperation with the Brunnenburg Museum and the Palais Mamming Museum, is organising a series of events with lectures, book presentations, exhibitions and a small concert. 

The lectures of 28. October as well as the musical interlude (with compositions by Ezra Pound and George Antheil) will be available online. As the lectures will be held in German and Italian, simultaneous translation into English will be provided. The lectures can therefore also be followed in English. 

We should pay particular attention to the lectures on 28 October 2022, as these will be accessible in English (the relevant link will be published in good time on the Academy's website: https://www.meran.academy/en/current-events-english/).
Programma Pound 50 anni PRINT
Programma Pound 50 anni PRINT1
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