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 List of Abbreviations

 Notes on the Text

 Introduction: Ezra Pound's 'Adams Paideuma'

1. The Genesis and Composition of the Adams Cantos \

2. 'Including History': The Evolution of Ezra Pound's Documentary Method in the 1920s and 1930s

3. Reading the Adams Cantos

4. The Representation of History and Law in the Adams Cantos

5. The Adams Cantos and Ezra Pound's Social Criticism of the 1930s and 1940s

6. The Continuing Importance of the 'Adams Paideuma' in Ezra Pound's Late Cantos


A. A Selection of Pound's College Notes on Colonial and Revolutionary America

B. Pound's 1931 Reading Notes for the Works of John Adams

C. Tables of Reference in Pound's Copies of the Works of John Adams

D. 'Confucio Totalitario' (1939)

E. Unpublished Material on John Adams and the American Revolution from the Thrones Poetry

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