Assembled and edited by David Ewick

Tokyo Woman's Christian University, 2015 

Make It New Vol II no. 1. (June 2015)


           The starting point for this bibliography has been the electronic databases of The National Diet Library of Japan and The Japanese National Institute of Informatics. I have seen print copy of most but not all of the works noted. Listed are works in Pound studies printed in Japan, in Japanese and other languages, from 2010 to 2015. Those works I am aware of which are in press and forthcoming as of May 2015 are noted; reprints of works published before 2010 are not.

No English style manual provides an authoritative guide to incorporating Japanese orthography or typography into bibliographical citations framed in English. I have adopted a hybrid style based on recommendations of The Chicago Manual of Style but which makes use both of English and Japanese conventions, in the aim of facilitating ease of use for both English and Japanese readers. The most notable variance from standard English practice is that I have not romanized Japanese book or article titles. Such romanizations are of no practical value to a reader who does not know Japanese and can be a hindrance to one who does. In general the style here follows these principles:


Romanized Surname and Given Name of author(s) [Japanese names separated by a space but not a comma] Japanese surname and given name of author(s).『Japanese title』(Translation of Japanese title). City of publication: Romanized name of publisher Japanese name of publisher, year of publication. No. of pages. [Explanatory detail when necessary.]

Book chapters:

Romanized Surname and Given Name of author(s) Japanese surname and given name of author(s).「Japanese chapter title」(Translation of title).『Japanese book title』(Translation of book title). Romanized name of editor(s) Japanese name of editor(s). City of publication: Romanized name of publisher Japanese name of publisher, year of publication. Inclusive page numbers of chapter. [Explanatory detail when necessary.]

Periodical publications:

Romanized Surname and Given Name of author(s) Japanese surname and given name of author(s). 「Japanese title」(“Alternate English Title” [if provided in the publication] or Translation of title).『Japanese journal title』 (Alternate English Title [if provided] or Romanization of journal title). Volume number (year): inclusive page numbers. Organization responsible for publication [when not ascertainable by other means]. [Explanatory detail when necessary.]

Where a Japanese-language publication itself provides an alternate English title I have retained what is provided at the source and set the title in italics or quotation marks according to standard English practice. Where no alternate title is provided translations are mine and are not set in italics or quotation marks. Romanizations follow the Modified Hepburn System for Japanese and pinyin for Chinese. Place names commonly known to English readers do not include macrons, thus Tokyo, not Tōkyō. Names of people commonly known to English readers are in the form in which they are known, thus Confucius, not Kǒng Zǐ. Organization is by 1) year in reverse chronological order; 2) books followed by book chapters, journal articles, reviews, conference or academic society reports, poems or works of art with Pound as subject, and translations of Pound; 3) alphabetically romanized surname of author(s), editor(s), or translator(s) within these categories. When no author is noted entries are alphabetized under “N.a.”

I am grateful to Kanae Shiraishi, Gakuji Nakano, and especially to Shigeyoshi Hara for assistance which has helped stabilize several wobbling pivots. Any errors which remain, of course, are mine.

David Ewick

Tokyo Woman’s Christian University






Imamura Tateo and Manabe Akiko 今村楯夫 and 真鍋晶子.『ヘミングウェイとパウンドのヴェネツィア』(Hemingway and Pound’s Venice). Tokyo: Sairyūsha 彩流社, 2015. 228 pp.


Book chapters

Mariya Marie 毬矢まりえ.「エズラ・パウンドとカンディンスキーを通して見る俳句」(A look at haiku by way of Pound and Kandinsky).『ひとつぶの宙:俳句と西洋芸術』(One small universe: Haiku and Western art), by Mariya. Tokyo: Honami shoten 本阿弥書

            店, 2015. Forthcoming.


Journal articles

Endō Tomoyuki 遠藤朋之. 「“時間の空間化”のグランド・デザイン:『詩篇第1篇』を細かに読む」(“The Grand Design of ‘Transforming Time into Space’ Closely Reading ‘Canto I’”).Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 45-59.

Ewick, David. “The Instigations of Ezra Pound by Ernest Fenollosa, I: The Chinese Written Character, Atlantic Crossings, Texts Mislaid, and the Machinations of a Divinely-Inspired Char Woman.”『東京女子大学紀要: 論集』(Essays and Studies) 66 (2015). Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. Forthcoming.

---. “The Instigations of Ezra Pound by Ernest Fenollosa, II, Larceny: Pound, The Telluric Mass of Miss Lowell, and the Pilfering of ‘The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry.” 『英米文学評論』(Essays and Studies in British and American Literature) 61 (2015): 15-32. Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.

Fessler, Michael “Ezra Pound the Maker.” Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 1-24.

Miyake Akiyoshi.         三宅昭良. 「He Gathers the Limbs of Osiris: ムーディの『エズラ・パウンド:第二巻』を読む」(“He Gathers the Limbs of Osiris”: Reading Moody’s Ezra Pound, vol. 2). Metropolitan 57 (2015): 39-52. Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Ueno Yōko 上野葉子.「Ezra PoundとMarianne Mooreのlogopoeia」(“Ezra Pound and Marianne Moore’s Logopoeia”). Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 25-44.



Watanabe Shinji.   渡辺信二. 「書評それは年毎に殺されるとしてもエズラ・パウンド著(小野正和・岩原康夫訳)『カンツォーネ』」(Rev. of Canzoni [and Ripostes], by Pound, trans. Ono Masakazu and Iwahara Yasuo). Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 101-07.



N.a.「第36回大会研究発表要旨」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 36th annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 109-12. 


Translations of Pound

            In journals

Miyake Akiyoshi  三宅昭良, trans. 「『詩篇』第40篇」(Canto 40).Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 73-100.

Yamauchi Kōichirō 山内功一郎, trans.「『詩篇』第6篇」(Canto 6). Ezra Pound Review 17 (2015): 61-72.





Nogami Hideo  野上秀雄.『歴史の中のエズラ・パウンド』(Ezra Pound in History). Tokyo: Buntaku-sha 文沢社, 2014. 362 pp.


Journal articles

Asakura Sayaka  朝倉さやか.「「歌」から「語り」へ:“Three  Cantos” における音楽性とペルソナ」(“From ‘Song’ to ‘Speech’: Musicality and Persona in ‘Three Cantos’”). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 5-15.

Hasebe Tsuyoshi    長谷部剛.「英語のなかの杜甫」(“Du Fu in English”). 『関西大学東西学術研究所紀要』(Bulletin of the Institute for Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University) 47 (2014): 167-81. [Largely about Ayscough-Lowell translations but includes consideration of Pound and Cathay].

Honda Yasunori  本田康典.「『北回帰線』を発送するヘンリー・ミラー、肩入れするエズラ・パウンド」(“Henry Miller Sending Tropic of Cancer to Literati and Ezra Pound Backing Him Up”).『デルタ:  ヘンリー・ミラー、アナイス・ニン、ロレンス・ダレル研究論集』(Delta: Studies on Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin and Lawrence Durrell) 9 (2014): 13-19.

Suwa Tomoaki 諏訪友亮.「近代の超克: イェイツとパウンドにとってのファシズム」 (Overcoming the modern: Fascism for Yeats and Pound). 『早稲田現代文芸研究』(Waseda gendai bungei kenkyū) 4 (2014): 49-56. Waseda University.

Yamada Kumiko 山田久美子.「「この手の稲妻よ、我が言葉となれ」:『フィネガンズ・ウェイク』とフェノロサの漢字論」(“‘This bolt in hand be my worder’: Finnegan’s Wake and Fenollosa’s Views on Chinese Characters”).『ことば・文化・コミュニケーション』(Language, Culture and Communication) 6 (2014): 105-16. Rikkyō University. [Includes discussion of Pound’s edition of Fenollosa’s “Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry.”]



Iwahara Yasuo. 岩原康夫.「書評エズラ・パウンド(渡辺信二訳)『ローマ=ロンドン2部作』」 (Rev. of Diptych Rome-London, by Pound, trans. Watanabe Shinji). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 39-44.



N.a.「第35回大会研究発表要旨」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 35th annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 53-58. 

Tomiyama Hidetoshi 富山英俊.「第25回国際エズラ・パウンド学会報告」(25th Ezra Pound International Society report). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 45-52. 



Niikura Toshikazu 新倉俊一.『エズラ・パウンドを想いだす日』(A day of remembering Ezra Pound). Tokyo: Self-published 私家版, 2014. 23 pp. [Pound scholar Niikura’s requiem for a friend, in recollection of times discussing Pound.]


Translations of Pound

            In journals

Tomiyama Hidetoshi 富山英俊, trans.「『詩篇』第27篇」(Canto 27). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 31-37.

Yamauchi Kōichirō 山内功一郎, trans.「『詩篇』第5篇」(Canto 5). Ezra Pound Review 16 (2014): 17-30.




    Book chapters

Ishida Keiko 石田圭子.「エズラ・パウンドとイタリア・ファシズム」(Ezra Pound and Italian fascism).『美学から政治へ: モダニズムの詩人とファシズム』(From aesthetics to politics: Modernist poets and fascism), by Ishida. Tokyo: Keiō University Press 慶應義塾大学出版会, 2013. 153-218.


Journal articles

Asakura Sayaka 朝倉さやか.「Robert Frost再読: Ezra Poundとの比較から」(Robert Frost revisited: In comparison with Ezra Pound).『立教レヴュー』(Rikkyō Review) 42 (2013): 1-14. Rikkyō University.

Byron, Mark. “Ezra Pound's ‘Seven Lakes’ Canto: Poetry and Painting, From East to West.”『英米文学』(British and American Literature) 73 (2013): 121-42. Rikkyō University.

Den Gen [Tián Yuán] 田原.「パウンドの『キャセイ』(Cathay)について」(On Pound’s Cathay). Ezra Pound Review15 (2013): 3-12.

Kajiwara Teruko 梶原照子.「絶望からの創造的飛翔:The Pisan CantosのEzra PoundとWalt Whitman」(“Creative Flights from Despair: Ezra Pound and Walt Whitman in The Pisan Cantos”). Ezra Pound Review 15 (2013): 13-33.

Nagahata Akitoshi  長畑明利.「「偏狭さ」に抗して:エズラ・パウンドの「ルネッサンス」構想」(“Against ‘Provincialism’: Ezra Pound’s ‘Renaissance’ Project”).『アメリカ研究』(The American Review) 47 (2013): 41-57. アメリカ学会 The Japanese Association for American Studies.

Nakagami Tetsuo 中上哲夫.「アメリカ詩人の運命: エリオットとパウンド」(The fates of American poets: Eliot and Pound).『詩人会議』(Shijin kaigi) 51.2 (Feb. 2013): 76-80.

---. 「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(14)最終回: 包括的詩人」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 14, final episode: The comprehensive poet).『未来』(Mirai) no. 564 (Sept. 2013): 24-29.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(13)終焉の地」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 13: The end of the earth).『未来』(Mirai) no. 563 (Aug. 2013): 24-29.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(12)イタリアからワシントンへ」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 12: From Italy to Washington).『未来』(Mirai) no. 562 (July 2013): 24-29.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(11)イタリアのパウンド」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 11: Pound in Italy).『未来』(Mirai) no. 561 (June 2013): 16-21.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(10)オデュッセウスという主題(続)」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 10: The theme of Odysseus, continued).『未来』(Mirai) no. 560 (May 2013): 16-21.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(9)オデュッセウスという主題」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 9: The theme of Odysseus).『未来』(Mirai) no. 559 (Apr. 2013): 16-21.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(8)ふしぎな経済学」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 8: Mysterious economics).『未来』(Mirai) no. 558 (Mar. 2013): 18-23.


            的」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 7: The Apollonian and the Dionysian).『未来』(Mirai) no. 557 (Feb. 2013): 16-21.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(6)孔子に見たものは?」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 6: What of Confucius?).『未来』(Mirai) no. 556 (Jan. 2013): 16-21.

Watanabe Shinji 渡辺信二. “Ezra Pound as an American Poet: A Re-examination of ‘Hugh Selwyn Mauberley.’”『英米文学』(British and American Literature) 73 (2013): 105-19. Rikkyō University.

Yamanaka Akiko 山中章子.「語り手の確信と揺らぎ: Ezra Poundの“The Return”とJohn BerrymanのDream Songsを読む」(“A Confident Narrator and a Wavering Narrator: Ezra Pound’s ‘The Return’ and John Berryman’s Dream Songs”). Ezra Pound Review 15 (2013): 35-50.



N.a.「第34 回大会研究発表要旨」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 34th annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 15 (2013): 63-67.


Translations of Pound


Ono Masakazu and Iwahara Yasuo 小野正和 and 岩原康夫, trans.『カンツォーネ』(Canzoni [and Ripostes]). Tokyo: Shoshi Yamada 書肆山田, 2013. 253 pp.

            In journals

Mukaiyama Mamoru 向山守, trans.「『詩篇』第41篇」(Canto 41).Ezra Pound Review 15 (2013): 51-62.



   Book chapters

Miura Kotarō 三浦小太郎.「エズラ・パウンド「ファシスト?」詩人」(Was Ezra Pound a “Fascist” poet?).『収容所での覚醒民主主義の堕落』(Awakening in the [prison] camp, the corruption of democracy), by Miura. Tokyo: Takagi shobō 高木書房, 2012. 218-45.


Journal articles

Ewick, David. “Notes Toward a Cultural History of Japanese Modernism in Modernist Europe, 1910-1920, With Special Reference to Kōri Torahiko [郡虎彦].” The Hemingway Review of Japan 13 (2012): 19-36. [Includes notes on Pound’s relation with Kōri Torahiko, Itō Michio, and Kume Tamijūrō.]

Heaton, Jenine. “Gained in Translation: Ezra Pound, Hu Shi, and Literary Revolution.” Journal of Cultural Interaction in East Asia 3 (2012): 35-55. Kansai University.

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Kleitz, Dorsey. “Michio Ito and the Modernist Vortex.” The Hemingway Review of Japan 13 (2012): 49-60. [Includes focus on Pound’s relation with Itō.]

Manabe Akiko 真鍋晶子. “Pound, Yeats & Hemingway Meet Japan: A Long Neglected Study of Kyogen & Hemingway’s Poetry.” The Hemingway Review of Japan 13 (2012): 61-74.

Nakagami Tetsuo  中上哲夫.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(5)神話の世界へ」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 5: Into the world of mythos).『未来』(Mirai) no. 555 (Dec. 2012): 16-21.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(4)神話の世界へ」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 4: Into the world of mythos).『未来』(Mirai) no. 554 (Nov. 2012): 22-27.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(3)いざ、大海原へ!」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 3: To the sea!).『未来』(Mirai) no. 553 (Oct. 2012): 22-27.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(2)「芸術」対「人間」」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, no. 2: “Art” versus “man”).『未来』(Mirai) no. 552 (Sept. 2012): 22-27.

---.「『キャントーズ』を読むエズラ・パウンドを求めて(新連載・1)エリオット・ブーム」(Reading The Cantos in search of Ezra Pound, new series, no. 1: The Eliot boom).『未来』(Mirai) no. 551 (Aug. 2012): 22-27.

Tōtsu Hiroaki    当津宏昭.「Ezra Poundの“The Return”再読:イマジズムとヴォーティシズムの原点として」(Ezra Pound’s “The Return” revisited: The origin of Imagism and Vorticism).『立教レヴュー』(Rikkyō Review) 41 (2012): 31-41. Rikkyō University.

Yamauchi Kōichirō 山内功一郎.「「生き生きとした道具」へと化す人間と事物: エズラ・パウンドを発展的に継承する「“A”-9」前半のルーイ・ズコフスキー」(“Men and Things as ‘Animate Instruments’: Louis Zukofsky in ‘The First Half of “A”-9’ and His Developmental Application of Ezra Pound's Poetics”). Ezra Pound Review 14 (2012): 1-19.



Tomiyama Hidetoshi 富山英俊.「書評Ira B. Nadel, ed., Ezra Pound in Context」(Review of Ezra Pound in Context, ed. Nadel). Ezra Pound Review 14 (2012): 31-35.



N.a.「第33回大会研究発表要旨」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 33rd annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 14 (2012): 49-55.

Nagahata Akitoshi 長畑明利.「第24回国際エズラ・パウンド学会報告」(24th Ezra Pound International Society report). Ezra Pound Review 14 (2012): 37-47.



Nishiwaki Junzaburō  西脇順三郎.「Keio Mono Museum (35) 西脇順三郎画「エズラ・パウンド像」」(Keiō Mono Museum (35): Nishiwaki Junzaburō painting, “Image of Ezra Pound”).『三田評論』(Mita hyōron) no. 1153 (Feb. 2012): 48-49. Keiō University.


Translations of Pound


Watanabe Shinji 渡辺信二, trans.『ローマ=ロンドン2部作』(Diptych Rome-London). Tokyo: Shimēru shuppan kikaku シメール出版企画, 2012. 126 pp.

            In journals

Miyake Akiyoshi 三宅昭良, trans.「『詩篇』第30篇」(Canto 30). Ezra Pound Review 14 (2012): 21-30.




Book chapters

Kodama Sanehide   児玉實英.「英米における能楽愛好者たち: エズラ・パウンドの創作能「トリスタン」を中心に」(Noh devotees in Britain and the United States: Ezra Pound’s Tristan and others).『越境する言の葉: 世界と出会う日本文学: 日本比較文学会学会創立六〇周年記念論文集』(Words crossing borders: Japanese literature meets the world: Sixtieth anniversary papers of the Japan Comparative Literature Association). Ed. Japan Comparative Literature Association. Tokyo: Sairyūsha 彩流社, 2011. 351-58.

Yamauchi Kōichirō 山内功一郎.「エズラ・パウンドと日本の現代詩」(Ezra Pound and contemporary Japanese poetry).  『近現代詩の可能性: モダニズムの視点・女性の視線:第8回:フェリス女学院大学日本文学国際会議』(Potentialities of modern and contemporary poetry: Modernism and feminism in perspective: Proceedings of the 8th Ferris University International Conference on Japanese Literature). Yokohama: Ferris University, 2011. 39-48.


Journal articles

Miyake Akiyoshi  三宅昭良.「ディゴノス、ディゴノス: と復讐の二重奏としての「詩篇72、 73」」(“Digonos, Digonos: Canto 72 and 73 as a Duet of Love and Vengeance”). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 19-40.

Patterson, Anita. “Global American Revisited: Ezra Pound, Yone Noguchi, and Modernist Japonisme.” Nanzan Review of American Studies 33 (2011): 53-69. Nanzan University.

Tatsumi Takayuki 巽 [sometimes simplified as 巽] 孝之. “Commentary: Annotating the Papers, Recreating the Palimpsests: A Response to Professor Anita Patterson’s Lecture ‘Global American Revisited: Ezra Pound, Yone Noguchi, and Modernist Japonisme.’” Nanzan Review of American Studies 33 (2011): 81-89. Nanzan University.

Toki Kōji 土岐恒二.「パウンドと私」(Pound and me). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 1-18.

Yamanaka Akiko 山中章子.「John Berryman, “The Poetry of Ezra Pound”にみるベリマンの詩学] (“John Berryman’s Poetics in ‘The Poetry of Ezra Pound.’”) Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 41-59.



Date Naoyuki 伊達直之.「書評 A. David Moody, Ezra Pound, Poet, A Portrait of the Man and His Work 1: The Young Genius 1885-1920」(Review of Ezra Pound, vol. 1, by Moody). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 77-84.



N.a.「第32回大会研究発表要旨等」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 32nd annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 85-88.


Translations of Pound

            In journals

Eda Takaomi 江田孝臣, trans.「『詩篇』第50篇」(Canto 50). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 61-69.

---.「『詩篇』第51篇」(Canto 51). Ezra Pound Review 13 (2011): 70-75.

Endō Tomoyuki and Kido Shuri 遠藤朋之 and 城戸朱理.「詩篇—第百十五篇・第百十七篇含注解」」(Translation of and commentary on Cantos 115 and 117).『現代詩手帖』(Gendaishi techō) 54.10 (Oct. 2011): 174-81.




Journal articles

Endō Tomoyuki 遠藤朋之.「螺旋的交友関係—Ez PoとKit Kat」(“A Spiral Friendship: Ez Po and Kit Kat”). Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 25-42.

Makin, Peter. “Ezra Pound’s John Adams: The Fate of a Confucian Idea.” Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 1-24.

Miyake Akiyoshi 三宅昭良.「Ezra Poundの‘ira’の詩学—詩篇72、73は例外的か」(Ezra Pound’s poetics of “ira” [uneasiness]: Are Cantos 72 and 73 exceptional?).『大会Proceedings』(Proceedings of the General Meeting of the English Literary Society of Japan) 82 (2010): 146-48. 日本英文学会 The English Literary Society of Japan. [The “ira” of the title is from Cavalcanti; Pound has it “uneasiness” in Canto 36.]

Nagahata Akitoshi 長畑明利.「エズラ・パウンドの「原語主義」:The Japan Times寄稿記事に見るフェノロサ草稿の発展」(“Ezra Pound's ‘Originalism’: A Legacy of the Fenollosa Manuscripts in His Essays in The Japan Times”).『言語文化研究叢書』(Language and Culture Research Series) 9 (2010): 1-18. Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University.

Schourup, Lawrence. “Intonation and Obscurity in Ezra Pound’s Recording of ‘The Seafarer.’”『言語文化学研究』(Journal of Language and Culture) 5 (2010): 69-84. Osaka Prefectural University.



Endō Tomoyuki 遠藤朋之.「書評ディミートリーズ・P・トリフォノプロス著(江田孝臣訳)『エズラ・パウンド事典』」(Review of The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia, eds. Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos and Stephen J. Adams, trans. Eda Takaomi 江田孝臣). Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 59-62.



Byron, Mark. “Report on the Excursion to Siena [following EPIC 23], 4-5 July 2009.” Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 77-80.

N.a.「第31回大会研究発表要旨等」(Abstracts of papers presented at the 31st annual conference of The Ezra Pound Society of Japan). Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 81-82. 

Takahashi Miho 高橋美帆.「第23回国際エズラ・パウンド学会報告 ‘Roma Amor: Pound, Love and Rome’ Rome, Italy (30 June-4 July 2009)」(“23rd Ezra Pound International Society Report: ‘Roma Amor: Pound, Love and Rome’”). Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 63-77.


Translations of Pound

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Nagahata Akitoshi 長畑明利, trans.「『詩篇』第60篇」 (Canto 60). Ezra Pound Review 12 (2010): 43-57.


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