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A bibliography researched and compiled by Archie Henderson and Roxana Preda. 

Some of the poems were first listed in Volker Bischoff and Eric Homberger, "A Checklist of Creative Responses to Ezra Pound," Bulletin of Bibliography 44.1 (March 1987): 35-37, free online (first page, last two pages). Others are cited in Joseph M. Backus, "Gelett Burgess and Names for Characters," Names: A Journal of Onomastics 9.2 (June 1961): 95-107, free online and here and here; Volker Bischoff, "Portraying Ezra: Pound in Poems," Expedition nach der Wahrheit: Poems, Essays, and Papers in Honour of Theo Stemmler, herausgegeben von Stefan Horlacher und Marion Islinger (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag C. Winter, 1996), pp. 249-264; Horst Prießnitz, Die Terranglia als System: literarische Kohärenz- und Dezentralisierungsmarkierungen in dominant anglo-europäischen Palimpsestkulturen (Tübingen: Narr, 1999), p. 97; Horst Prießnitz, "Multiculturalism as Dialogue: Australia's Interaction with the Literary Traditions of the World," Writing in Australia: Perceptions of Australian Literature in its Historical and Cultural Contexts, Gerd Dose, Bettina Keil (eds.) (Münster et al.: LIT, 2000), pp. 95-126 (at 119 n.63); and Yang Xiaobin, "Transcultural Translation/Transference in Contemporary Chinese Poetry," Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 21.2 (Fall 2009): 42-85 (Appendix: A Partial List of Poems About Western Literary/ Artistic/ Philosophical Masters, 79-81). Also useful were Iliana L. Sonntag Blay, Twentieth-Century Poetry from Spanish America: An Index to Spanish Language and Bilingual Anthologies (Lanham, Md., and London: Scarecrow Press, 1998); Ann Charters, "Jack Kerouac: A Bibliography," Journal of Beat Studies 5 (2017): 55-177, free online; Bill Morgan, "Lawrence Ferlinghetti: An Updated Bibliography, 1980-1993," Bulletin of Bibliography 51.2 (June 1994): 111-154; Bill Morgan, The Response to Allen Ginsberg, 1926-1994: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources, with a foreword by Allen Ginsberg (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1996); and "Pound, Ezra (1885-1972)," Poetry Explorer- Classic and Contemporary Poetry, free online.

Thanks to Yalçın Armağan, Massimo Bacigalupo, Walter Baumann, Jo Brantley Berryman, Stefano Maria Casella, Bernard Dew, Konstantinos Doxiadis, Luca Gallesi, John Gery, Espen Grønlie, Andrew Houwen, Alec Marsh, Felix Marzillier, Efe Murat Balıkçıoğlu, Matthew Nickel, Viorica Patea, Marjorie Perloff, The Poetry Collection, Rare & Special Books Collection, University at Buffalo (Alison Fraser), Reference Services, Library and Archives Canada (Courtney O'Hara), Research Services, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, & Rare Book Library, Emory University (Kathy Shoemaker), Betsy G. Rose, Matthew Sweney, and William Wall.


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