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Roses from the Steel Dust. Collected Essays on Ezra Pound. 

Orono: National Poetry Foundation, 2000.


Roses from the Steel Dust supplements the author’s earlier The Rose in the Steel Dust, one of the major classics of Pound studies. The volume collects essays by Baumann on Pound published from the 1960s to the present, together with five previously unpublished pieces. The sixteen papers include extensive analyses of Canto 4 and Canto 116 along with several discussions of Pound’s relationship to German, Irish and French culture and literature.


Roses from the Steel Dust



Collected Essays on Ezra Pound. 

Orono: National Poetry Foundation, 2000.





List of Abbreviations

Introduction  3

Ezra Pound’s Metamorphosis during his London Years: from Late-Romanticism to Modernism                   11

Ezra Pound and Magic: Old World Tricks in a New World Poem            27

Pound and Layamon’s Brut 43

Secretary of Nature, J. Heydon        53

The Structure of Canto IV    65

The Odysseus Theme in Ezra Pound’s Cantos       83

‘-not of one bird but of many’: Pound’s Janequin            99

‘But to affirm the gold thread in the pattern’: An examination of Canto 116   113

The German-Speaking World in The Cantos           135

Ezra Pound’s Reception in the German Speaking World 155

Ezra Pound and Heinrich Heine      163

Ezra Pound and Herman Broch: A Comparison    179

Yeats and Ireland in The Cantos      191

‘Sit on a midden and dream of stars’: Ezra Pound and the Belfast-Born poet Joseph Campbell (1879-1944)        211

‘…with such French politeness’: The French and France in The Pisan Cantos

‘…and Elsie/Blackeyed bitch’: Aviation Pioneers in The Cantos   235

Endnotes        247

Index  279



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Walter Baumann was born in Switzerland and studied at the Universities of Zurich and Aberdeen. His academic teaching career in German Studies started at Toronto University and continued at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. He published on J. W. Goethe, H. Broch, and M. Frisch.

Walter has done more than any Poundian alive to create and sustain a sense of scholarly community in the discipline of Pound studies. He published in Paideuma often, was active in the organisation of the international Pound conferences and since 1990 he has created a lasting photographic record documenting the history of our scholarly interaction over the years.

His major work, Rose in the Steel Dust is one of the classics of Pound studies. Most of the collected essays gathered in Roses first appeared in Paideuma.



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